Inspired by love

Kreativitet är A-O för en kreativ person, med ett virrigt sinne. Men detta sinne stabiliseras när man får vara kreativ och utvecklas,

se mina bilder och tänk till, det finns många små hintar i bilderna. Framtid, nutid, dåtid, färg form och känslor.


You’ve got that something
You’ve got that something

Look at me here I am
I’m giving all of my lovin’ every day of my life to you
All you see can be yours
If you show me you want me and just one little hint could do

And I know I give too much
And there is much that I sacrifice
But I’ve got all the reasons
When I look into your eyes

I know….

But you’ve got that somethin’
Somethin’ I can’t describe
Gives me that feelin’
It gives me that freaky vibe

You’ve got that something
That makes me feel so fine
Makes it worth waiting
Until the day that you will be mine, all mine

You decide, take your time
I just want you to know that I’ll always be here for you
My friends keep tellin’ me you’ve gotta let go
They say that I’m too good for you and maybe that is true

Oh no,
Come on, hey

Hey you
You give me that feelin’ baby
That feelin’ baby, that freaky, freaky feelin’ baby
Vibe, vibe, vibe, so there’s you where I gain

You’ve got that something
Something so hard to find
And it keeps bugging me
And I can’t get you out of my mind

Oh no,